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Smartphones in Asia are Android powered

Smartphones in Asia are Android powered

The growing telecom markets shares in the Asia-Pacific countries is to be expected to continue  throughout the year, and will create the whole mobile phone subscription speed in the continent to increase by more than 15 %. The mobile phone market in the county still has the potential to rise at a rate of more than a 10 % for at-least upcoming two years, as it is said in an ABI Research report.

Smartphone market is also expected to rise with 24 per cent share in the entire mobile handset sales in the year 2011, which is 17 % more than previous year. The report said that that there will be a considerable development of 56 % Smartphone sales in recent year. It obviously specifies that the growing requirement for smartphones in Asia.

The Android operating system in Asia has accomplished 36 % of market share in the phase of just one year. A current evaluation said that Asia is still a rising industry, where just 27 % of mobiles phones sold are smartphones. On other side of the coin, the number goes more or less double in the United States with 40 %. At present if Android, remains rising with the similar pace, after that the day is not far away when Asia will turn out to be a most vital and even though a central element of the Smartphone business.