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Latest android phones and their specifications

Latest android phones and their specifications

Android is an operating system that uses the Linux kernel which is exclusively available for a mobile platform. The Android operating system was developed by Android Inc., a small mobile software company based in Palo Alto, California, which was acquired by the Google Corporation in July 2005. The Android code was initially created by Android Inc. and then it was later developed extensively by Google.

The acquisition of Android Inc. by Google and the worldwide release of the Android programming language marked the entry of Google in the telecommunications business, which it had hitherto avoided. The entry of a multinational corporation with a potential for excellence, such as Google, could only mean one thing- that existing technology would change for the better. This marked the birth of the operating system Android, which has the smartest technology in the market at present. The Android programming language allows software developers to write programs and managed code using the Java programming language. The mobile device is solely controlled by Java libraries which have been developed by Google. The Android Operating System was licensed by Apache License, an open source and free licensing system. The Android operating system has changed the way the world looked at smart phones, and it is here to stay.


In September 2007, the Google Corporation filed a number of patents in the field of mobile telephony. The first smart phone by Google that used Android as the operating system, Nexus One, was unveiled in 2010. Nexus One was functioning based on the Android open source operating system. This smart phone was produced by the Taiwan based telecom giant, HTC Corporation. Nexus One was finally made available to the public in January 2010. In the meantime, Android had been acquired by the Open Handset alliance, which was a consortium of forty seven different hardware, software, and telecommunication companies. The Open Handset Alliance was formed for the purpose of providing open standards for all mobile devices and gadgets that were in use, and would be produced from now on.

The twenty second day of October, 2008 was a milestone for the Android operating system, as this was when the first Android enabled smart phone, the HTC Dream was released. The tremendous reception that this phone received has paved the way for success of the Android operating system. Within a few days after worldwide release of this phone, Google was receiving shipping orders of more than 16000 phones every day. Now there are almost 20 different smart phones that use the Android operating system, and more are on the way. The specifications of the Android enabled phone HTC Dream are as follows- APPLICATIONS- Home, Contacts, Phone, Browser; APPLICATION FRAMEWORK- Activity Manager, Window Manager, Content Providers, View System, Package Manager, Telephony Manager, Resource Manager, Location Manager, Notification Manager; LIBRARIES- Surface Manager, Media Framework, Open GL/ES, SQLite, FreeType, WebKit, SGL, SSL, libc; ANDROID RUNTIME- Core Libraries, Dalvik Virtual Machine; and finally the LINUX KERNEL- Display driver, Camera driver, Flash Memory Driver, Binder (IPC) Driver, Keypad Driver, Wi-Fi driver, Audio Drivers, and Power Management.