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Blackberry vs. Nokia N70 N Series

Blackberry 8110 Pearl Pink vs Nokia N70 N Series Mobile Phone

Now, Blackberry has made its brand name in international mobile phone market. Currently the company has introduced its new 2G enabled mobile phone named Blackberry 8110. This is one of the amazing phones among blackberry mobiles and other mobile phones. The phone is like a candy bar design with several latest multimedia features which makes it a better mobile phone than one of its main competitors Nokia N70

Blackberry 8110 is a glossy phone with the dimensions of 107 x 50 x 14mm and the total weight is about 91 grams. Where as the Nokia N70 is bit large and bulky phone than the Blackberry 8110 with the dimensions of 108.8 x 53 x 21.8mm with the total weight of 126 grams.

As far as the screens of both the mobile phones are concern, the Blackberry also has an edge over the Nokia N70. The display of the Blackberry is wider with the pixels of 240 x 260. This display is appropriate to watch all your captured videos, playing games and clicked pictures. On the other hand the display of the Nokia N70 has only 176 x 208 pixels. The Blackberry 8110 has an inbuilt memory of 64 Megabytes which is much better than the Nokia N70's internal memory of 22 Megabytes. You could also expand this internal memory of 64 MB up to 2 GB with the help of the MicroSD memory card slot that is given by the company.

Blackberry 8110 mobile has EDGE technology which allows you to access the Internet over your phone. Now you could send and receive, pictures, e-mails, download any vital information that is related your work, download Mp3 songs and your favorite images directly on your Blackberry 8110 phone. To make this mobile phone more user friendly, it also has Bluetooth connectivity. With the help of the Bluetooth feature you could easily share your informations like, pictures, videos, Mp3, or videos with any other Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or device.

The Blackberry 8110 mobile phone also has an excellent and powerful 2 mega pixel camera which allows you to capture high quality videos and images. With this 2 mega pixel camera you are able to capture videos or images with the 1600 x 1200 pixels along with the flash light. In order to give more credibility to this mobile phone, the Blackberry Company has launched the phone in two very striking colors Blue and Black. Both the colors give stylish and incredible look to the phone. These phones also have several amazing features similar to the other Blackberry phones.

The greatest part of the Blackberry 8110 mobile phone is that it has a built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) with this amazing feature you could get the ways of your place or location, no matter in which part of the world you are in. However this GPS feature is not available in most of the Nokia N series phones. Now, it is left you to choose the best mobile of your choice.