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Most Popular Blackberry Games

Most popular blackberry Games

Mobile game development is the most recent buzzword, which has been fast growing in the online entertainment and gaming world. With the availability of several numbers of mobile games and many applications, it has become very simple to create interesting and innovative games to attract gamers from all ages. Some of the most popular games, which you can play in your BlackBerry phone, are as follows:

Phase 10

This is a rummy type card game with exciting and challenging twist. The aim of this game is to finish each of the 10 particular phases. If you complete or finish the phase, you move to the next level of phase, however if you do not, then you have to try it repeatedly. This mobile version game contains special effects, special game modes, high quality graphics and a new y of gameplay style for you to explore. You can play this game alone or with your friends or other players and get special awards in the game as you move forward. Fans of challenging and exciting card games have been playing Phase 10 for more than twenty-five years. Now you can play this classic game to the next phase with this latest mobile edition.


Hearts is one of the very famous trick-taking games, which is played by most of the people around the world. The main aim of this game is to stop taking tricks with the hearts in them. With the classic card game of Hearts, you can check your card skills. In most of the games, you have to obtain the maximum score possible for winning the game. Whereas in the Hearts game is just the opposite, the lowest point’s scorer is the winner. Hearts is an avoidance and trick game; you have to avoid taking cards, which have hearts in them. The game stops when a player has hundred or more points. The player with the lowest points wins the game.


This is a fun and exciting game, where you have to sort the carts in irregular suits from the King (highest) to Ace (lowest), then make points and succeed by re-sorting in the matched piles from Ace to King. This is a world famous game, which has a big history. This game was played by the miners in order to pass their time, which became in the classic version of the Solitaire that every one knows today. The aim is to make four ascending series of cards of the same suit, stacked from the ace (lowest) to the king (highest). When you finish this work, you will win gold.

Bass Assassin 2

Bass Assassin 2 is an exciting and challenging game. Fish for the glory in fishing tournaments, or unwind on the lake in free fish mode. You can use your own way of fishing style with several equipment and lake areas to catch the largest fish. There are seven different levels, where you will face different challenges. This game has exciting and fun sounds with high quality graphics. Now go play in your Blackberry.