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Apple iPhone vs. Samsung

Apple iPhone vs. Samsung

The new model that Samsung has come up with looks a lot like the Apple iPhone. These two phones are almost indistinguishable. However, on a general front, let us compare the two brands.

In today's world, everyone wants a phone that is usable and smart looking. There is a rise in demand for fashionable phones. An individual wants as many features as possible on his phone. They want it to be useful and perform well too. Samsung and Apple from time to time always give out their best by producing the high-end phones for individuals seeking a phone to reflect their personality.

Samsung produces truly amazing handsets which has incredible features and highly fashionable. The handsets are very admirable because of its design and style. These phones are designed keeping in mind the needs of the very fashion conscious users who like to go in handsets that look classy. It is the phone that adds to their elegance; hence, a lot of decision-making process goes into buying a phone. The latest mobile phones of Samsung have touch screen interface which gives immense access to the phone menu by just a touch. These phones bring in to them elegance and luxury. The functionalities and performance are also kept in mind so that it can bring out the best for its users. The hand set weight is not too much and can fit into an individual's pocket very easily. Some phones offer a large touch screen with amazing display and high resolution not forgetting the clarity.

Some of the handsets produced by Samsung come with the QWERTY keypad that is extremely useful which also helps you type email messaged with great easy. This option is also included in the iPhone. The memory card capacity of these phones is comparatively lesser than the Apple iPhone. The memory storage capacity in Samsung phones are as much as 60 MB but an individual can add the MicroSD card for the extra space that is required. On the other hand, the Apple iPhone has store options of 8MB and 16MB, which is definitely higher in comparison.

One other noticeable comparison between the two phones is the following. The Samsung lacks a function used to search for contacts in your contact list. It also lacks the Wi-Fi service and a web browser. The Apple iPhone has a very functional web browser. The email functions in the Samsung Phones are also lacking with no support for reading documents of PDF or HTML format. The phone also lacks a to-do list on the phone menu. Although the phone synchronizes up with Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook, it does not have an option to synchronize up the notes and the calendar information on your laptop or desktop.

The worst difference between the Apple iPhone and the Samsung is that the Samsung does not support the user additional third party software, this hence the phone loses out on the option of expanding and makes it less versatile.