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Executed in the genre of the vertical shooter game DragonBird remotely resembles the notorious Sky Force. However, differences still more than the similarities. First, the player is invited to go through eight levels, with a gradual increase in the degree of complexity.

Another interesting feature is the presence of toys economic component, when a defeated enemy is literally running out of money units, which can be spent on upgrading weapons and buying a vehicle. Your task is fairly simple, but no less interesting - flying through the crowd and Naja fire, as well as other enemies of ammunition, the number of subspecies, which amounts to tens, to get to the boss, followed by its destruction.

In the MLT you really have experienced all the hardships and sorrows that must fall on the head of your virtual protege, managing a small tank. And all this will happen over 80 (!) Levels, the complexity of which will be once again on the rise. Your task is to defense base and a following destruction of enemy strongholds. The action will take place against the backdrop of a changing landscape: this is snow-covered desert and sand dunes, and woodlands. On this difficult path your protagonist encounters with 5 kinds of enemy tanks, which can counter the 6 types of weapons that would be most welcome it in the last stages of the mission. Of the additional "amenities" should be noted destructible environments and the seven options available to combat the coloring to the tank

In Machines at War it all starts with a small base, which should be developed as quickly as possible, incidentally improving existing buildings and military units in order to protect themselves from a myriad of skins of the enemy that and strive to destroy everything in its path. Moreover, the number of your troops and detachments hostile AI on the map may exceed a thousand, and then the battle turns into a mess of fire and steel. For the successful outcome of the fight from the player you want to vigilantly monitor the tree of technologies, the number of "branches" of which more than 30 points. After overcoming all these difficulties in the future you will be available the whole range of buildings and pieces of equipment (over 40 types). Ability to select the game of the landscape, destroyed environment and a nice graphics only reinforce a positive impression of the game.